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An important tool that assists patients locate and search the right medical officer, their preferred medical facility and location. Enhance your health care services with insightful and constructive feedback from patients and heath service seekers. These feedback helps improve the services and also check the ongoing facilitation extended to them.


Have you ever wondered how you can increase footfall in your showroom or your Service center? The market is flooded with competitor and to stand out you need a smart review management system and online search ranking support that will help you march ahead and stand out.

Customer reviews and recommendations take you a long way and help you better your services. You can also rank yourself higher and ahead of your competition just by simple implementation and smart listing.


Retail market always face cut-throat competition and this is evident in all tier cities and segment. A simple way to beat that is initiate a loyalty program or create online brand awareness that will help you with a wider network and unparalleled reach.
Outcast competition-it is time to graduate to online services.


Get your branch listed and see how people incorporate the finding of branch information useful. The dashboard and review management from customers with extensive effectivity and all management handling and review their feedbacks and sentiments to enhance the services and better your service offerings.

Improvement in service leads to more clientele and ultimately a better organization.


What is the most important element when it comes to property management- handling the tenants? Smart technology and online reputation management system not only lets you reach out to your tenants better but also helps sending alerts and notifications which otherwise is a tedious task . 

Review their feedback, understand the survey outputs and brand on social channels –you are all set.


Whether it is a moveable feast in you restaurants, outlets or a chef’s table – you need guests to fill the covers and spread the word of mouth. You will fill the reservations with ease if you have your Hotel or restaurant listed. This makes guests and customer reach you easily and locate. Insights from these valuable patrons will definitely help you take necessary measures and steps and delight your customer by doing things that exceed their expectations.

What are you waiting for?


Reputesales offers a Smart, simple reputation management tool that can elevate the senior member’s confidence and give them a reason to stay with the right surrounding and environment. They would feel proud of what they have selected and would be happy to extend the perfect society and community for their families and extended members. We help them by assisting in making the right decision.


At Reputesales, we bring a convenient location-operated reputation and Search Engine Optimization platform. This allow each and every retail including ones in tier III/II/I to supervise and manage the online activities. The activities primarily includes smart online reviews, social channel updates and local Search engine optimization updates. Irrespective of what your business is [salon/apparel/sees/departmental store /laundry or any other] Reputesales’s most preferred location-based reputation and SEO technology immensely helps you gain more leads, increases footfall and revenue. If you are planning to improve your business and its offering – reach us and we will help you upsurge.


Reputesales services are known across the length and breadth for it addresses the challenges of all localized marketing for your outlets, restaurants and brands. We will help you manage your online feedback respond accordingly and take corrective measures so no other guest is similarly inconvenienced. Learn from the important insights and conduct surveys to understand the overall performance. We ensure all these data is accessible at a click.

Make your online review management as interesting as the food served in the outlet.


Reputesales online reputation management is known to all. We provide the right tool that they can use to review their customer feedback system and social activities. In doing so, they will build a better operation and functioning organization. Online reviews provide details that helps implement corrective measures. You can stand ahead of your competition set and review respond on the go.