Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Reputesales does not ask you to share your personal information or data, neither we have any intension of collecting your personal information for any future marketing campaigns. You share only a limited information with us, that too under specific conditions and upon your consent or will. Unless there is clear understanding of the terms between you and our company or Without your consent we do not start providing our services. 

What is the protocol followed for collecting personal data?
While collecting personal data we follow three steps.(a) You receive an e-form from our company that needs to filled up with correct details & information. (b) a. The information that we receive from business partners who has recommended you to use our services. (c) We collect your technical information when you start using our website or subscribe to use our services.

What is the nature of personal data we collect from you ?
The personal data that we need to collect from you are as follows :
  • Contact information – This generally includes your email address that you have mentioned while subscribing or signing up with our website and other contact information that you have already provided us.
  • Work/ Business information – we collect information related to your business, name of business, nature of business, business address, business phone and official email address. The primary point of contact in your office in case of any further verification or correspondence.
  • Photograph – Under the mandatory requirements, we also need to collect your official photograph for identity verification and for our records.
  • Technical information – We request you to share your technical data under strict  guidelines of privacy protection rights. We collect IP address of your computer or internet router, the details of pages that you visited on our website, the type of device you use, the type of browser you would use to open our website etc. 
How Do We Use This Personal Data?
The personal data provided by you are used by us to offer our services :
  • Your data is shared with the business listings for them to know that you wish to update or create your business listing.
  • The services that we provide on our website, needs the personal data/ information shared by you. This is required for our internal procedures and enhancement or improvement of service levels, tracking service records & more.
  • We use your personal information to keep you updated with our latest innovations, products and offers. Send you professional news letters about our upcoming services and other info, however you have an option to stop receiving periodic news letters from our organization. 
Who Else May Receive A Copy of Your Personal Data?
Your personal information shared with us is under safe custody and we abide by strict compliance of data security and privacy policy & obligations laid down by our government. However a copy of your personal information are technically shared with our third party service provides who are officially associated with us.

We only share that much information which are essential for the process of your business listing.

Third party service providers like Google Analytics – They help us understand better how people use our services. Facebook connect, Twitter connect  – They help us to provide you with services using the applications.

There are other third party partners with whom we share your information, such as : 
  • Stripe - They function as our payment provider.
  • Perimeter-X - They identify and protect us from any suspicious usage or any malicious attacks on our website.
  • – They provide us with business insight.
  • – They assist us in managing events.
  • – we use them to send messages to our subscribers.
The third parties are the indices, it is true that whilst we are sending messages, there are our event partners who help us manage the social or corporate events .Google Analytics supper us as we get to know how people are behaving with Reputesales. Social channels helps us to be there and the third party partners who refer clients to us – Reputesales provides with deep business insights.

Can You Review or Remove Your Information?
Yes, we are open to your request for removal of personal information provided by you. You can opt to review your information by using our panel or communicating with us via email. You have an option to request us to delete / remove all information provided by you. 

Upon receiving your request we process your request and do the necessary actions to delete all data & personal info you have provided to us. But this might take some time when it comes to your data being used by the third party affiliates. The third party entities are guided by their own regulations, hence they might require additional proof to remove the requested data or even might refuse to do it.  

Can You File A Complaint?
Yes, we have a dedicated privacy officer who registers your complain and send you an annual report. Generally these correspondence is done via email.

Compliance with Law Authorities.
We follow strict compliance with law and security protocols & guidelines. We share information with the law authorities if we receive a valid request for any security concerns or any matter related to national interest. We abide by the law of the land and are committed to cooperate by supplying valid information if and when required.