Frequently asked questions

Welcome onboard! Our clients can expect a confirmation through email advising that your listings request is now complete and updated. You are advised about the features. Note: We never call our customers directly (it is against our policy)
Information shared by you is highly confidential and under no circumstance we will never share, sell or pass your personal and business information with other clients, vendors or party without your consent.
Certainly, the main objective of Reputesales is to improve your business performance and awareness by listing your services online. We will help you to create that listing on online directories and dedicated Listings. Please note when we submit your business details – we feed in information such as description of your business, category, products and services you provide and also keywords. In doing so, the search engines hooks and identifies your site smartly and you get featured in the search results.
Absolutely not. As you forward us your request to initiate the business listing process, we start by searching and combing the web to identify if there are any listings already residing in the site. Once the duplication check is completed which often leads to miscommunication – we ensure we do not create a double / repeat account for your business. You can be rest assured, our process to filter already existing site is paramount.
We often face this question since our support and service goes beyond borders .Be assured we have you covered. In case you find that the tier I business Listings are not operative in your region of stay, we identify the most on-demand and power packed Local Listing of your region and forward our request with your website.We have in all these years’ submitted websites around the world and are proud to say they are working as seamlessly as they would have locally here.
Yes! Of course! You are free to enter your details in your local language .We work through google Maps and take Goggle’s support to identify the language – you need not worry Google identifies all language.
Reputesales is a well thought service providing brand that is useful in providing your business the awareness it deserves. It takes in its hold the control of your client’s journey and provides absolute practical and verified answers across all search engines such as maps, applications, voice assistants and chat boxes.
It is important to understand Intent marketing before you move ahead. Intent Marketing is basically a smart practice of marketing your products and services based on your client’s intent, he might be wanting to buy your product or services and this gets demonstrated by his actions. In simple terms Intent marketing to an individual means understanding an individuals which dictates what action he is going to make.
Search engine take over a fortnight to start pulling your business in its search – if considered average – it takes max 2-4 weeks.
We suggest you keep on updating your business updates and information in the app itself. All you need to do is simply click UPDATE and your details are all updated online.
Subscribing to the brand helps we ensure to keep every detail of your business in line across social channels sites, search engines and since Reputesales is highly compatible with the top ranking apps and mobile applications. We cater and integrate perfectly with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, YELP and others.
Well – we want you to know you are the owner of your business and whatever information you want us to update – we will do accordingly. Please remember – in case you want us to help you expand your reach and conduct business listings across all channels, mediums support us with complete information and see us help you reach scale able heights.