Reputesales Terms of Use

Terms & Condition

Reputesales is a service provider that facilitates businesses to bring their brand online through listings in multiple directories. It supports both complimentary [free] and paid tiers basis a recurring subscription.

Operated by Aarwix Software LLP, Reputesales offers its services through the given terms and conditions which encapsulate as the solitary agreement a user has with the service provider. It is advisable that these terms and conditions are read thoroughly and acknowledged. In absence of confirmation to the terms and conditions, the offered services will be restricted.

Reputesales requests for accurate information to be shared which will be used for listing the business in multiple directories as you deem fit. Reputesales will be interacting with various third parties on your behalf and as a result, the service provider will need to register personal data as well. For better understanding, please refer to the privacy policy before accepting the terms and conditions. 

Reputesales will not be held responsible for any inaccurate posts or listing deletion as Reputesales is only a medium through which information is being shared with business directories.     

The Enclosed below is the only agreement which will be honoured between Reputesales and the mentioned business. 

1. Enrollment & Eligibility 
  • Upon enrollment, you confirm: (i) you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 and above 13, then your legal guardian has agreed to the given terms; (ii) you are authorized by the business to list the details or you are the founder of the business. (iii) you are not connected with any terror outfits and are not a resident of any enemy state; (iv) in the past, your application for enrollment has not been rejected. 
  • Your enrollment through a third party vendor confirms you being the founder of the account you have signed up with. The email address used to register will be used as per the privacy policy.
  • Your email address will be verified by sending a verification email to confirm that you have access to the email ID. 
  • Businesses with a website will have to use an email address which is connected to the website in order to verify the website’s proprietorship.
  • The business holder needs to confirm that the information shared is accurate and updated.
2. Enrollment as a Partner
You are allowed to enrol if you are representing various businesses and functioning as an agency. In the given circumstance, you can enrol as a partner account wherein you will confirm that you are authorized by the client to submit information under the given terms and are also allowed to assign Reputesales as a service provider. All payments and dues will be settled by the agency on a timely basis irrespective of receiving payments from other businesses.

3. Appointment As Agent.
Reputesales will act as a non-inclusive agent handling world-wide arrangements on behalf of the business. Reputesales will also be authorized to send notifications and requests to third parties. The service provider will also be allowed to create obligations on behalf of the business with various third-parties which will include acceptance of terms of service and privacy policies. A reference agreement copy agreed on your behalf will be shared online.

4. Our Services

  • Directory listings: On behalf of your business, Reputesales will list your information with multiple directories through various mediums. 
  • Email account setup: Reputesales will set up a secondary email account which will be used to log in to the account and submit listings to various directories. You can access a copy of the information shared by reaching out to us. 
  • Account setup: To submit information, accounts will be used for few services for which existing accounts will be accessed to create business listings.
  • Automated listings: Reputesales has access through API to update and list information for few directories. Reputesales will be authorized to submit listings through these API. In any case, that information for your business is already listed on these directories, Reputesales will notify you or else a fresh listing will be submitted.   
  • Social media links: For Facebook and Twitter, business listings will have to be created and Reputesales will manage the business listings. 
  • Sharing business information with partners: Reputesales will be allowed to post business information on third party directories irrespective if the listing has been agreed or paid for by the business. 
  • Listing removal: Reputesales will be authorized to remove or take down irrelevant information or listings with incorrect information. 
  • Removal requests: For any particular listings which need to be removed, businesses will have to notify or connect with Reputesales to take down the particular information. 
5. Intellectual Property License. 
Businesses will share licences in order to post information which can include images, logos and other relevant material. Businesses will share content which can be used regardless the trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, etc for submission of listings on various directories.
6. Warranty
Businesses will confirm that all information shared for creation of listings is fully owned and businesses have the usage rights and the necessary licenses. Businesses will also confirm that the data shared is not misleading, infringement or prohibited from further usage/publishing. The services provided by Reputesales are unalterable. Businesses will use the services at their own risks and liability. Reputesales will not be held responsible if the services offered do not meet your requirements, or they are interrupted due to uncontrollable reasons. Reputesales will have no part if the results are not reliable and the quality of services, information is not as per the expectations of the business.

7. Payments.
We bill for our services on a recurring basis, be it monthly , yearly or on other segments of time. If you sign up using one of our business partners, then all payments shall be handled by them. Payment details will be processed through Stripe which is our billing partner. In few billings, taxes will be added to the payment. If payments are being settled through credit cards, then card information will have to be shared again since Reputesales doesn’t save any card related information.

8. Risks.
Reputesales doesn’t guarantee profit as a result of listings and neither does it certify that the information shared by the business will be used or replicated on various directories as shared. Neither does it certify that the existing listings will be taken down or improvised.

9. Liability
Reputesales will not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential, exemplary, physical caused to the business or any third party vendor due to various uncontrollable reasons. The service provider will not be accountable for any misconduct, negligence, gross negligence, malice or any damage or loss of property, including loss of your funds, damages to virtual property, reputation and business reputation, user account information including login information, loss of profit, loss of good name, all resulting from the use or inability to use services. The fees paid during the thirty days prior to the event will be Reputesales liability for direct damages and shall be limited to the given amount.

10. Indemnity.
Businesses will have to warrant and agree to hold us harmless and to indemnify us for any damage, loss, expense, legal expense or cost incurred as a result of your use of the services in direct violation of these terms of service, including any false representation.

11. Support.
Reputesales offers support through email only and doesn’t guarantee the response time however services will be offered at Reputesales own discretion which will result in customers receiving faster response time.

12. Termination of Services.
Reputesales reserves the right to terminate services being offered at any time proving a 30 day prior notice. Services can be terminated without prior written notice if businesses breach the terms and conditions causing Reputesales irreversible harm.

13. Availability.
Reputesales will conduct scheduled backups, maintenance and upgrades for which services will be disabled often. For any urgent maintenance, Reputesales reserves the right to disable the services without any prior notice.

14. Amending These Terms.
Terms might be amended frequently for which Reputesales will notify businesses through emails. If the business does not agree to the amendment, they have the option to terminate the agreement by giving a 30 day prior notice.

15. Governing Laws, Jurisdiction, No Class Action.
These terms of service will be exclusively governed by the laws of the state of Gujarat. Businesses raising any dispute against Reputesales should be brought solely in the competent courts of the Ahmedabad ,India. You undertake to initiate only suits on your behalf and not to file any class action lawsuit against us.